Radish Rice

I grew up with eating rice, so if there is bread on my dinner table, I feel like I missed dinner but had 2 lunches on the day. But even if there is a bowl of rice, sometimes I feel like something different. Just plain rice is of course good when the main dish has rich taste, but when I want quick snack, I need to hover around my kitchen with thinking about what can pair up with my plain rice.

But, this rice dish already has flavor and the method is easy and quick. Most importantly, it is delicious! With radish’s bitterness and aroma of savory sesame oil can boost up rich flavor, so even a small bowl of it can calm your growling stomach.

<Today’s Recipe>

Radish Rice

Radish Rice

Radish Rice ingredients

  • 3 bunch of radish
  • 2 cups of rice
  • ¼ teaspoon of sesame oil
  • Some salt
  • Some sesame seeds


  1. Cook rice
    If you are in a hurry for cooking this dish, putting make up, check laundry or anything, you definitely need to think about buying rice cooker. It’s easy, put rice and water and press button.

    Or if you like hovering around kitchen, let’s do:
cook rice
Popcorn style rice cooking! 😛


2. Slice radish
Finely thin slice radish, and chop radish leaves.IMG_7692r slice veg

3. Turning plain rice to dressed rice
On a plate/bowl, put cooked rice, radish, and leaves.

Add sesame oil and sprinkle some salt and sesame seeds.
Add sesame oil and sprinkle some salt and sesame seeds.

Radish Rice

If you have short grain rice with a little sticky rice, it is good idea to make rice ball and bring it to park. It is breath taking moment looking at green lawn and eat flavorful snack!


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