Berry Tart

Hello everyone! It’s getting colder and colder everyday, but how are you doing?


As I told you yesterday, today I’m going to share what I made with tart crust and custard cream.


Basically you already have bases to make yummy tart, so today’s your important role is being an artist. There is no right or wrong answer for you to be what kind of decoration you will make. So have confident on your creativity and enjoy.


My creation was by using blackberries and raspberries. One of the most popular fruits to make tart/pie! But you can choose apples, peaches, pears…thousands of choices. This holiday season is AKA baking season, so try as much as you can and find your favorite tart!

<Today’s Recipe>

Berry Tart

Berry Tart





  1. Spread custard cream on tart crust
    Base makeup time!
  2. Decorate tart with berries
    Pur pretty color!
  3. Sprinkle some almond slices
    Brush up to boost up beauty!


Thank you for reading, and good luck on your planning of what tart you will make on holiday season!


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