Glass Jar Art

Hello there!

Happy mother’s day! Did everyone send gift to your mom? Don’t forget to call, otherwise your mom will be sobbing all day!

It’s Sunday. That means I’m showing another recycling glass jar art!

Being a international student whose whole family wasn’t in the US, I could choose where to live, so I chose the room I could commute on my foot.

My university was located very close area from Disneyland at Anaheim, California, so every night I could hear their fireworks. I dreamed about having annual pass and go to parks every weekend, but since I realized the assignment was hard, (and A LOT!) I just enjoyed fireworks sound from my room.


After graduating, I moving back to LA for work but my love to Disney characters didn’t fade away. There are so many cute characters and we as adult can feel precious times back in childhood.


So, today’s glass jar contains Micky Mouse!



Micky’s signature color is red, white, and yellow, but this time I put boyish atmosphere on it.


Mmm, with a nice cup of latte, I’ll watch Disney movie this afternoon!


Have a nice Sunday! 🙂

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