Epic Oops Tanooki Does (or Do as Usual!)

Hello everyone, happy Sunday!

Well, as I said on my last Sunday’s posting,  I’m uploading my artistic stuff in this blog every Sunday. But you know, it isn’t that easy to do everything perfect. We make mistakes, sometimes do multiple times for the same thing. So I’d like to share my mistake in my artistic work.

I’m a huge cat fan, so every time I see them, I turn to be a stalker. Some just run away being scared by me(FYI-I’m not acting wrong, just being a huge cat fan 😛 ) but some are super friendly.

One day, I ran across this beautiful cat. As soon as I talked to her, she came near me and showed her belly to ask massage. I’m an expert to do it, and after extended massage for this beautiful cat, I’ve decided to take a pic of her. And it came out below.





Can you just



Stay still?



That’s all I took.

Well, we can learn from mistake, so I hope I can take wonderful pic of her. So far, I came up some idea of bringing tuna, cat nip, or someone who can hold her…?


If you have some animal at your home, I’m so green with envy!!

Have a nice weekend, all 🙂

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