Curry Flavored Air Fried Potato

What kind of potato fries do you like the best? 

My favorite is crispy, crunchy one, especially the one from McDonald’s is the most favorite for sure! 

Well, I can feel some of you are against my opinion saying “Hey, Potato Wedge from KFC is the best! The combination of crispy exterior, fluffy interior with bold flavor is everyone’s favorite!” or, “Oh no…you are missing the one from Chick-fil-A. Their Waffle Fries are not only tasty but the shape can give you great texture! This is THE ONE!” 

Before getting into a huge fight, I should close the debate by saying; “Well, everyone has their own favorite, but who can eat that literally everyday?”

They are deep fried food, also is your favorite restaurant located close to your home? Are you willing to pay, let’s say, $3 everyday? 


  • Run 5 miles a day 
  • Is BMI 20
  • Lives in right next to the restaurant
  • Is a millionaire


Sigh…no check is marked for me, so I will stay home and enjoy the “occasionally” treat.

Until next chance, I eat homemade curry flavored potato fries! 

<Today’s Recipe>

Summer Broccoli and Corn Salad

Curry Flavored Air Fried Potato

I just air-fried some potato and sprinkled curry powder, but this is one of my favorites too!

Also the homemade fries’ advantage is that you can choose a flavor from unlimited choice! 

I know your mind is occupied with fries, so let’s make some and enjoy:)

Enjoy home cooking and your own creation of homemade food:)

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