Homemade Sweet Ume Plum Wine

I don’t usually drink alcohol because although I sip a small, tiny glass of not so strong liquor at less than 5% ABG , my face, neck, and the tip of my paws turn scarlet red. Honestly it is a manageable change to me, but my drinking buddies immediately remove all glasses in front of me and insist to go home and take a rest. 

In Japan, most of the franchised bars offer all-you-can-drink. The service allows you to get anything on their beverage list including sake, beer, cocktails, soft drinks, spirits etc, etc… Typically time frame is for 90 min. The price depends on the place and the course you choose(based on the variety of drink you can choose from.) If you are a drinker, it must sounds like heaven (and I hear you, actually;))

Anyways, sweet ume plum wine is also popular there and I always wanted to make it on my own. And finally, the opportunity came. I heard a lot of Korean groceries sell green plum, and last June, I  finally found it! 

Here is how I made it! 

<Today’s Recipe>

Homemade Sweet Ume Plum Wine



  • 1lb fresh green plum (Ume)
  • 1lb rock sugar
  • 750ml Bacardi

*I’m supposed to use white liquor with 35% alcohol, so I chose Bacardi. You can use Vodka too according to my research.


  1. Wash green plum and let them soak in water for at least 6 hours.
  2. Remove stem end of green plum
  3. In a big glass/plastic jar, make layer of plum-rock sugar and pour liquor
  4.  Shake well the jar once a day and let it sit for 3 months to 1 year and half in a dark, cool place (I put the jars under my kitchen sink.)

*A lot of people said you can try it after 3 months with light flavor, but they recommend waiting about 6 months for better flavor/taste.



6 MONTHS. It’s long!! That means I can see how it’d go around the holiday season. After keeping the daily stirring schedule for over 6 months, I finally got to try it. 


As days passed, the sugar got dissolved and couldn’t see any rocks after about a month, and the color of liquor gradually got amber. When I sniff them, the strong alcohol smell hit my nostril first 3 months, but it became milder and I started to feel aroma of plum.

I properly tried it for the first time after 6 months and several days. It tasted good, but I hoped for the sweetness to be weaker TBH. While I was making this plum wine, I was talking to myself “Oh no, you need more rock sugar!? Are you sure? No it’s too much, oh no, oh no, oh N.O!!” But all recipes I checked before making it, they warned to keep sugar level high otherwise it will go wrong. I was a plum wine creation virgin, so I followed the direction this time. 

<Serving Suggestion>

Usually they are enjoyed on the rocks, but I recommend mixing it with tonic water for 1:1 ratio. Then the soda pop allows adjusting sweetness and adds a pleasant palate. 



↑ The portrait of my precious homemade plum wine on day 1. After taking this pic, I got busy on my personal matter so forgot to take more portraits…but the image still alive in my heart;) I actually got 2 jars out of above ingredients, but my another jar was from my old mayonnaise with sticker on it:P So to avoid confusion for you, I omitted that jar from portrait;)

Even though it wasn’t super perfect, I didn’t have even a drop of it within 3 months! I hope I can make it again, but to do that, I have to find a place to buy some green plum since I moved again. My next culinary journey has started!

Enjoy home cooking and your own creation of homemade food:)

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