Product Review: Moon X from Trader Joe’s

I like wine. But, they are so fancy in my mind and I’m so sensitive to alcohol, I’m not a frequent wine drinker. I thought I’d be an elegant lady when I grew up, holding a gorgeous wine glass on a hand and telling my friends how it tasted like a sommelier. It turns out I can’t even finish a half bottle of wine. 

For this reason, I barely buy wine from a store, but on a special day, my dinner buddy and I want to open a bottle to celebrate. This is stored in my pantry for several months and I’m glad I finally opened up the bottle because it tasted wonderful! I’m a beginner wine drinker and not a professional sommelier, but if you wonder which wine is good, proceed to read me review:)

<Product Review>

Moon X from Trader Joe’s

moon x

13.5% Alcohol

Contains: 750ml


Types of Wine: Pinot Noir

Pro: Reasonable, sweet, great for beginner, 

Con: Can’t think of any, if you ask me;)


When I smelled the wine from a bottle, first I caught a sour smell from berries, with a touch of alcohol, then the old wine barrel’s earthy flavor. It wasn’t too strong to appeal to my nostril that alcohol is coming up right now, yet gentle but solid flavor. Let’s take a sip. Wow, it’s a light yet bold flavor from fruits appearing on my tongue. Some wines are dry, but this one’s different. Taste like spring water from a beautiful mountain, with perfectly ripe grapes/berries with a touch of bitter. Super fruity and is perfect for an alcohol beginner to start with find-my-best-wine-journey!


Well, I was so excited to find a tasty wine like this, my comment is like a snobby, mean sommelier who you can’t find at any fancy restaurant, but trust me, this is delicious and you will fall in love with this wine if you have sweet-tooth! 


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Enjoy your happy hour:)

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