Product Review: Marie Antoinette Tea

Today 1/12 is the National Hot Tea Day! 

Have you picked your hot tea to celebrate the day? 


I and my dinner buddy are tea lovers, especially my dinner buddy drinks more than 10 cups of tea in a day. Since there are a lot of varieties available, it’s a little hard to pick just one kind of a tea to celebrate the day. So now, let’s dip up our memory to choose the one. 

When I and my dinner buddy visited France, I thoroughly looked up with google and where to go, where to shop, where to feel France. Of course we were there only 5 days, it’s impossible to do everything we wanted. But I’d decided to go to one of the most remarkable shops in France: Laduree! 

Even though some stores are available in the US now, there was none back in the time so I was so excited to go. While a lot of people expect macarons from Laduree, I loved loose leaf tea from the shop. I bought several types of them but the best one has the most iconic queen name: Marie Antoinette! Since it’s not easily available, I only allow both of us to drink the tea on a special day. This is the first time to celebrate National Hot Tea Day myself TBH (well, I didn’t even know it existed!,) but drink a cup of tea, feel nice and gorgeous! 


*This is NOT for an affiliate purpose hence I don’t get paid, so this is my very honest (spicy) review;)


<Product Review>

laduree marie antoinette tea

Name: Marie Antoinette Tea from Laduree

Contains: 100g

Price: €22 from their website /$22 from Goldbelly(currently sold out:( )

Main ingredients: China black tea (74,75%), jasmine green tea (17,75%), pieces of pineapple and orange, rose petals, aromas: lemon, orange, honey, mandarin, rose, grapefruit.

Will buy again?: Yes! Floral, fruity flavorful tea is the perfect to feel gorgeous! I’d give it try online next time


When you brew the tea, you can feel the aroma of flowers wafted from the tea pot. When you take a sip, you’ll have some citrus flavor over rose touching to your nostrils while leaving a nice tangy bitter tea flavor on your tastebuds. The negative side is the package. It’s true that the outside of the package is cute, the tea is stored in a non-sealable thin cheap plastic bag. I recommend you to store an air-tight container to keep the flavor alive. Also when you buy it in an actual store, you’ll have a headache. I believe not many people purchase loose tea from them, so all the goodies except pastries are on the wall back of the cashier, so you’ll need to explain which one you want to see by shouting over the noize. Also even though they have several flavors available, none is testable, even you can’t sniff the leaf from sample(I’m talking about back in oooold days without COVID-19) so all you can do is guess the flavor from the package and test with risking to pay pricy cost compared to other brand tea. Store clerks didn’t even know they sell loose leaf tea. Oh and did I tell you? Never expect them to be friendly, I’ve visited several stores including both in France and the US, none was friendly but frustrated for either never-ending-customer-in-line or only god knows what. 

Pro: flavor, package outside

Con: Package inside, shopping experience at stores

laduree marie antoinette tea

Hmm, I guess I’m a little frustrated after remembering the experience. Now I need to take a sip of my precious gorgeous tea:P


<Snacks for National Hot Tea Day>

munch-able forever! Cocoa Caramel Nuts

crunchy caramel cocoa nuts

Crunchy sweet snack! Nutty Chocolate Rusk

nutty chocolate rusk

Or do you prefer silky white chocolate? White Chocolate Pudding Raspberry Sauce

white chocolate pudding raspberry sauce

Enjoy home cooking and your own creation of homemade food:)


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