Product Review: Noritama Rice Seasoning

Noritama Furikake. (Literal meaning is roasted seaweed and egg rice seasoning.) 

This is Japanese version of Peanut Butter and Jelly, since a lot of people grow up eating nori-tama rice balls in bento boxes so they have nostalgic memories with them. Other popular furikake has a savory taste, and of course noritama is one of them, but also they have a sweet flavor from egg. Even though I live in the US, thanks to the importing company I could get these precious condiments and enjoy food with nori-tama. Want to know the details about nori-tama? Here we go! 

*This is NOT for an affiliate purpose hence I don’t get paid, so this is my very honest (spicy) review;)

<Product Review>

noritama broccoli cauliflower

Name: Noritama Rice Seasoning 

Contains: 1.7oz (50g)

Price: $2.99~$3.99 in my neighborhood. 

Main ingredients: sesame seeds, corn starch, sugar, lactose, salt, potatoes, egg york powder, seaweed, bonito, soy sauce, cooking wine

Will buy again?: Yes! To eat my food yummy way, but only just occasionally since it’s not natural food:D Also since there are many brands of noritama available, I’d switch brand to find my favorite. 


Even though it said rice seasoning, you can enjoy them not only with rice but also noodles, veggies etc. For people to grow up with this, there must be a huge difference between plain rice and nori-tama rice. I bet their mom allowed you to sprinkle nori-tama over rice to finish eating quickly. But, as you can see from the package, they contain chemicals and not natural food. So for those who are sensitive to what they eat, I don’t recommend this since there are lots of ways to enjoy food without nori-tama, but for those who are open-minded with food, I recommend this especially for picnic food. 

Pro: rice version of yummy dressing. You can be creative with what to put under the nori-tama. 

Con: consuming the product can expose you to chemicals including lead. Not for everyone because this contains eggs. Even though within expiration date, as long as it gets old the smell and flavor from chemical is easily catchable. 

Enjoy home cooking and your own creation of homemade food:)

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