Product Review: Organic Garlic Naan Cracker from Trader Joe’s

I tried this one  for the first time when it was a holiday season, and I was looking for something perfect for an appetizer. I like my crackers with cheese or olives, so I grabbed both items and proudly stepped into the cracker aisle. And then, it came in my eyes. 


Garlic. Naan. Cracker. 


Wow, sounds yummy and perfect to try the new appetizer with this festive vibes! Cheese and olives sound not perfect to pair up with this cracker, so I reassembled the products and left the store with joy, imagining when I first took a bite of this cracker! 


I bet a lot of people love new food especially snacks, so I’d like to contribute to your life by leaving what I thought about this product! 


*This is NOT for an affiliate purpose hence I don’t get paid, so this is my very honest (spicy) review;)

<Product Review>

curry hummus garlic naan crackers

Name: Organic Garlic Naan Crackers from Trader Joe’s 

Contains: 10 oz(284g)

Price: $2.99

Main ingredients: wheat flour, sunflower oil, cornstarch, sea salt, rice flour, cane sugar, garlic powder, barley malt, parsley etc…

Will I buy again?: Maybe no? Tasted good but didn’t like cookie-like texture. 


As naans are so, it’s a little thicker than other crackers. When you bite into it, your teeth feel a little resistance. But, the flavor of garlic and milky flavor touches your taste buds and nostrils, and this is the highlight of eating this product. The fork of whether you like them or not is texture. It’s chewy and has more dense by comparing other crackers, and both of us preferred lighter textured crackers, this one won’t be in my pantry until Trader Joe’s changes something. My expectation was high, and this is why the texture problem gave the critical hit for losing a star on review. Sounds good, flavor good, textured not good, overall meh…I’d like to see how other people eat the cracker. With dips or add some special toppings? 

Pro: Organic, flavorful, vegetarian/vegan friendly.

Con: The texture is more like cookies instead of crackers from other brands. 

*For the hummus recipe I paired up with the crackers, check here!:)

curry hummus eat now

Enjoy home cooking and your own creation of homemade food:)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. wineolin says:

    Looks good, but I agree I’d rather something more pillowy than a cracker!


    1. Tanooki says:

      Hi there! Welcome to Tanooki Homemade Cafe and thank you for your comment:)
      Yes! something softer goes great with a glass of wine;)


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