Rice Balls

Happy National Rice Ball Day!  Did you know, today 4/19 is the day to enjoy Japanese soul food of rice ball: onigiri!


I grew up with eating them, so I’m one of the expert of rice ball lovers! Anytime I needed lunch box to bring, my mom made a couple of them. When the lunchtime came and opened my backpack, the savory smell of roasted seaweed spread and made me hungry more. Even just plain one seasoned with salt is great enough, but we as kids debated what flavor of them was the best so many times and each and every one of them had a huge fan. Rice balls are such a soul food for all Japanese people.


To celebrate Rice Ball Day and enjoy them, here is my “today’s” favorite!

rice balls

From the left, radish rice, umeboshi(Pickled sour plum,) and Okaka(bonito flakes and soy sauce.)

I know, some items to make rice balls are not largely available at your local store and it’s possible that you never seen or even heard of them. Now still traveling isn’t really good idea yet, but you can virtually enjoy learning Japanese cuisine from here! 


<Ingredients Memo>

Umeboshi – they are pickled plums. We eat them with a bowl of rice or put them inside of onigiri, or even in cocktails! When I was a kid, majority of umeboshi was super sour, but recently a lot of brand has honey flavored umeboshi too.  Sour umeboshi / Honey flavored umeboshi

Bonito Flakes – they are thinly shaved bonito. If you put bonito flakes on freshly cooked rice or Japanese savory pancake, they start dancing and it’s fun to see👍💕  We also use them to make soup broth or put them over stir fried veggies to add flavor. Bonito Flakes



Rice balls, a little hijiki, and miso soup. My complete, perfect lunch is ready!

What’s your favorite rice ball flavor? 😉


<Good Recipes to Make Rice Balls>

Cute pink and green are added with flavor! Radish Rice

Radish Rice

Refreshing and tangy! Sourplum Perilla Mixed Rice

sour plum perilla mixed rice

Great herby flavor! Ginger Bonito Rice

Ginger Bonito Rice


Happy National Rice Ball Day, everyone😁


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