Arnold Palmer

What is the food/drink with a gorgeous name? 

If you ask me, it’s Arnold Palmer. When I first got to know them, I was in a restaurant. I was studying the menu in the drink section and found the drink with the name someone alive: Arnold Palmer! 

I ordered a glass of it thinking it’s a gorgeous drink with possibly fruits and a parasol in it, but all I got was a light brown color drink with neither fruits nor parasol. Later on, I learned how important it is to check with someone who knows about it, and it’s actually good! Looks like some adults love to play with drinks to improvise his/her own creation. 

Now, you are thirsty, right? Let’s get some Arnold Palmer! 


<Today’s Recipe>

Arnold Palmer

arnold palmer


  • Some honey marinated lemon
  • Some water
  • Some earl grey tea
  • Some ice cubes



Mix all ingredients based on your taste. For sweet lovers, increase the amount of honey syrup from the honey marinated lemon.


arnold palmer

Unfortunately “Arnold Palmer” passed away in 2016, but his creation is still alive in people’s kitchens even if they’ve never known he was a professional golf player.  

Maybe next “Arnold Palmer” is your creation:D


<Other Refreshing Drinks to Enjoy in a Hot Day>

Fruity latte to charge your energy! Raspberry Latte


Do you prefer lime flavor?  Honey Lime Soda

honey lime soda

How about ice cold refreshing tea? Matcha (Product Review)


Enjoy home cooking and your own creation of homemade food:)

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