Product Review: 12oz Porcelain Ramekin from Sweese

I recently welcomed a new buddy in my kitchen: Porcelain ramekins!

I used to have a white 8oz set of 6, but since I had several moving they disappeared under confusion of packing. I was searching for the new set, but hadn’t make it happen until a few days ago.

One day a representative from Sweese invited me for a partnership and here they are! My fancy new ramekins joined in my kitchen! 

Since the day 1 I fell in love with them. They are so cute in red and solid built to cook my food perfectly, both in a freezer or oven.

Yes, both in chilly or hot, that means the ramekin are so versatile for cooking from appetizer to dessert! 


This is my detailed recipes posted on Amazon (including amazon associates links. I’m not getting paid by writing this post by the way;))

If you are looking for new ramekins, I hope this posting can help your next shopping experience happy!


<Product Review>

12oz Porcelain Ramekins from Sweese

12 oz porcelain ramekin from Sweese




  • Solid
  • Cute
  • Versatile to serve dish from appetizers to dessert
  • Perfect size when you are making sharing sized treats or individually served main dishes
  • Quick shipping when using Amazon


  • Weird excuse when return/exchange is concerned



I love them! They come with a set of 4, so perfect to make a dining table fancy on special occasions. They’re solid, versatile to serve your homemade food from appetizers to dessert.

I usually get white to make my homemade food standout, but this time I got red and I’m so glad about it. Since summer is coming and July 4th celebration is around the corner, these red ramekins are nicely adding cute color variations to the dining table. So far I cooked several dishes with these ramekins and all the food looked better than in white.

sweese size diameter

Yes, since it’s 12oz, so they’re a little bigger to make dessert with them unless you’re making sharing-size treats, but if you’re thinking of making an individually served main dish, like pot pies, onion gratin soup etc, they are perfect.

sweese size height

The reason why I’m taking 1 star off is that the company sounded like they were lying. When I opened the package, I found 1 of them had a dent inside. It’s tiny but a little disappointing, so I contacted a representative.

dent sweese

At first they told me they will resend one, however a few days later, I got a partial refund and I was told they were out of stock. Since that day I’ve been checking the product page but it never said they are out of stock. I’m guessing they didn’t want to bother shipping a piece again by paying $5.99 for shipping while the amount for the piece was $5.24, which I got as refund. It’s understandable but you’d want to cross your fingers to receive a perfect set of 4.


Even though I took 1 star off, the product themselves are great additions to my kitchen and dining table. Let’s just pray for you’ll receive the goods without any problem. I’ve already cooked several food from appetizers to dessert, so you’ll see them my new postings too!


<Where to Get Beautiful Sweese Products>

If you are interested in other products from Sweese, check their website. It’s so fun to imagine how your kitchen and dining table can be decorated.

Sweese Official Store

Mailing Address:

10101 NW 79TH Ave
Hialeah Gardens, Florida,
33016 United States

Business Hour: 

Mon – Fri, 9am – 6pm EST


Web Address:

*Free shipping on over $69.99


Visit Sweese Store on Amazon

*Recommended, since you get free shipping over $25, fast transaction and shipping;)


Happy Shopping:)

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  1. Sowmya says:

    Lovely and cute porcelain dishes Tanooki

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tanooki says:

      Thank you Sowmya! I love using them with my homemade food😋

      Liked by 1 person

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