Grilled Bibimbap Rice Balls

Happy Friday!

And for those who live in the US, happy Independence Day weekend!

Some people are looking forward to the fireworks since we’re only allowed to do it on this day(and unfortunately we’re not allowed to do this year…we already got wildfire warning so big no no to anything flammable;(  ), but for the majority of people who enjoy eating yummy food, yes it’s a time to grill food and enjoy summer festive vibes!

But I’m not that lucky to have a nice backyard or grilling equipment to enjoy BBQ in my house…until a few weeks ago.

I recently got partnered with JoChef and they’ve gifted me a kitchen torch that is so handy to make my homemade food yummy!

I’ve talked about how my current neighbors don’t have Korean restaurants or grocery stores like where I used to live, so I miss them so much. Isn’t it funny that when people are accessible with that they barely care about the existence of them. But now I really NEED to go there!!

Korean food is one of my favorites but even their keen ingredients are not easily accessible in general stores, so I always felt jealous when I found someone who found a nice Korean restaurant on the internet. I was like “sigh…when can I enjoy them next time?”

A few days ago I could grab gochujang at a Chinese grocery and thanks to the partnership with JoChef, the kitchen torch brand, I can now make my version of one of my favorite Korean dishes: stone pot bibimbap!

I loved to make burnt rice when I was eating stone pot bibimbap. They are nice and crunchy with a savory rich smokey  flavor. But as you can imagine, stone pots aren’t easily available or even Korean households in the US longed to have them. (Or are they usually found in Korean families just like Japanese takoyaki(Octopus balls) grills? My house had a takoyaki grill, even though they appeared almost once every 5 years or so haha.) Anyways, since I got this nice gadget, I needed to try it. This time I made a fusion food version of Japanese and Korean!

Spicy yet mellow rich flavored rice balls with crunchy texture…aww, even just thinking about how aromatic they are, my mouth starts to water!! Oh, is yours too? Here is how to cook, so let’s check and bring you a smile!


<Today’s Recipe>

Grilled Bibimbap Rice Balls

bibimbap rice ball



*Makes about 4 rice balls

  • 2 small bowls cooked brown rice
  • ½ medium carrot – chopped
  • 1 hand bean sprouts
  • ¼ bunch spinach – washed thoroughly!
  • 1 teaspoon gochujang
  • A few drop of sesame seed oil


  1. Warm up rice
  2. In a medium pan, fill water and steam/boil vegetables. Drain well and set aside.
  3. Squeeze out any excess water from spinach and bean sprouts, and chop them.
  4. In a large bowl, mix all ingredients together.
  5. Spread plastic wrap and place rice mixture on the center. Wrap them and squeeze rice to make a shape of either round or triangle.
  6. Grill rice balls. You can do it by either broiling them in an oven or using a kitchen torch! Obviously, the kitchen torch is nice and quick!!


<Cooking Tips>

  • If you are using leftover rice, warm them up! If not, the rice ball’s inside wouldn’t be warm when you’re using a kitchen torch. So when you bite into it, the pleasure of the nice crunchy texture and disappointing cold rice part will erase a smile on your face:(
  • Squeeze well the rice balls to keep the shape by using cling wrap. It depends on how well you are trained to make rice balls solid enough to keep the shape, but the first objective here is to enjoy cooking. We as Japanese people barely care how round or triangle the shape is!
  • Medium grain white rice is the perfect type to make rice balls. I don’t recommend Jasmin rice or basmati rice since they don’t stick together well enough.


grilling bibimbap rice balls

Mmm, that’s it. This is what I was looking for. I love spicy food and gochujang’s hot flavor is what I’m craving for. The holy trinity ingredients for bibimbap are also joined, so the nutrition from vegetables are added too! This can be a nice addition to your grilled food, and isn’t it a good idea to bring an Asian flavor to your dining table?

If you are interested in this JoChef’s Kitchen Torch and live in the US, come visit my instagram! I’m currently running a giveaway partnering with JoChef, so you might be the one to win this gorgeous kitchen gadget!

See you there;)


<Other Food Ideas to Enjoy Using Kitchen Torch>

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sesame chili corn

Sprinkle plenty of sugar on the surface and make it caramel brulee! Pudding Cake

cut pudding cake

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marinara zucchini boat

Enjoy cooking and your homemade food!

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