Crunchy Brown Sugar Matcha Walnuts

Happy National Grab Some Nuts Day! 

Did you know, today 8/3 is the official day to enjoy a handful of crunchy nuts!

Since my dinner buddy and I try to be on a healthy diet, we sometimes swap chips with nuts, so this day isn’t really something special for us actually, but since it’ the official day, let’s grade up our nuts as flavored nuts and appreciate healthy yummy snacks: nuts! 

Cocoa or cinnamon are already tried by us so let’s find a new way! …hmm, I still have matcha powder, so how about Asian flavored nuts? Bitter yet uniquely sweet flavor of brown sugar…hmmm, won’t it be the perfect nuts for this national day?


<Today’s Recipe>

Crunchy Brown Sugar Matcha Walnuts

brown sugar matcha nuts


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  1. Put walnuts in a small pan and bring it to medium high heat to roast the nuts.
  2. In another small pan, combine brown sugar and water together and bring it to medium high heat. Wait until it gets boiled.
  3. Transfer walnuts in the brown sugar syrup pan and stir well to evenly coat the syrup.
  4. Spread parchment sheet and transfer walnuts on it. Sprinkle matcha powder and toss well.
  5. Let it sit to cool for a while.

brown sugar matcha nuts

Mmm, I was gonna grub just a handful of them, but I can’t resist grubbing for more! As a matcha lover, pairing up nuts with matcha was my fine play in kitchen:D


<Other Ways to Enjoy Nuts to Celebrate National Grab Some Nuts day>

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crunchy caramel cocoa nuts

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Enjoy home cooking and your own creation of homemade food:)

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  1. Sowmya says:

    Healthy and innovative recipe using nits Tanooki .

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    1. Tanooki says:

      Thank you Sowmya!

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