Product Review: Southeast Chili from Proper Good

Have you tried “Ready-to-Eat” soup from Proper Good

I usually make soup from scratch in my kitchen, so I didn’t know about soups from the brand until a representative contacted me via Instagram DM. 

(Visit my Instagram! The posting schedule is the same as a blog, but the captions are slightly different because I’m such a big babbler!!) 


According to the representative, Proper Good is fairly new and looking for someone who tries their product. At that time they offered to send me a couple of soups, so today’s posting is about their soup.

When I received the box, I was super excited to see such a cute box. I was expecting to receive either a swelled white plastic bag or a brown cardboard box, so seeing a blue themed cute design box on my door steps cheered me up a lot on the busy day. 


As the exterior box is cute, the packages for soups are also cute. Ingredients information written in eye-catching color is fun to look at, and the nutritional info written on the card sleeves are designed neat and easy to understand what is beneficial to us for eating their food. 

Also, we received a couple of flavors AND a spoon with a fabric case! As the package design is amazing, the spoon is also designed cute. I bet they know meal time isn’t only recharging our energy but entertainment too. Bravo. I totally agree. 


I was excited to try their soup for the first time, and my husband asked me to bake a bread bowl to eat the soup as San Francisco style. As I could see, my husband was also excited to try. 

This is my husband/my honest opinion so let’s see what the soup was like from Proper Good! 

*The posting contains an affiliate link. You are not going to charge extra but receive 20% off, and I’d receive commission from the company. Happy shopping! 

<Product Review>


Name: Southwest Chili Soup from Proper Good

Contains: 12 oz per a package

Price: $6.99 + you get 20% off when you buy from the link here!

Main ingredients: Water, plant-based-crumbles, corn, poblano peppers, onions, tomatoes, blackbeans, pinto beans, red kidney beans etc. 



  • The package is so cute! 
  • Vegan, gluten free, dairy free. That means less burden among people who are on a specific diet. 
  • Easy to store(don’t need to stay in a fridge) 
  • Easy and quick to reheat (of course) 



  • Bland taste(be prepared to re-season.) 
  • A little luxury price by comparing other general soup? Start your debate whether you value cost performance to feel full or healthy sustainability  food. 


This is how I prepared the soup. I baked a bread bowl with my easy recipe, and scoop out the inside first and fill it with their soup. 

And there he was. Took a spoonful of soup out of my home-baked bread bowl and took a bite. 


Me “How is it?”

My husband “…well, no heat, even though it said chili.”


I took a bite and tried it, and sure, the chili was super mild. As my husband resumed eating, he confirmed that the soup needed more flavor. 


Well our first opinion toward the soup taste is “bland,” but it was better than too salty. Sometimes canned soup or ready to eat soup tastes too bold so I need to check how much sodium they have in just 8~12 oz. 


I suggested making a little change back in the kitchen. As he agreed, I added some cayenne pepper powder and salt while reheating again. After serving the take-2 soup with my little twist, he could finish his portion happily.  Maybe we thought the soup is bland because we are huge spicy food lover🤔?…Anyways, after re-seasoning a little by adjusting the taste, it left us happy smile😋💕✨


As we restarted working on the soup, we noticed that the soup was rich in ingredients and generous amounts of protein and vegetables in just 12 oz. As it’s not watery at all, the soup gave us a quite good filling.  


I still have another flavor, butternut squash soup, but hold on a second, carnivore! They have soups for meat lovers or dairy based soup like broccoli cheddar soup. They also offer keto-friendly packs so you can choose your flavor based on your preference. 


For those points considered, this is a good gift idea for your love with health concerns (especially sodium) or for emergency stock food. 


Imagine when you catch a cold. 


  • You don’t want to take your time cooking. Check. 
  • You want something easy to eat/swallow especially when you have a sore throat. Check. 
  • Easy food but you need to fill your empty stomach with satisfaction. Check. 
  • The expiration date was like 6 months, so it’s enough time. Check.
  • The fun package design makes people happy when receiving, so it cheers them up by just looking at the package. Check. 


Yes, it’s a perfect gift! The price is slightly high compared to general soup packages from other brands, but it will be a special gift showing you care for them a lot. 


Got someone in your mind? Here is a link for you to try it or send them to your love with 20% off! 

Check the product & get 20% off


I hope you enjoy it. 

4 Comments Add yours

  1. johnrieber says:

    Thanks for giving an honest review…I think there are bloggers who love everything because they got it for free. The fact that you shared pros and cons fairly and honestly made me not only respect you and your review, but made me MORE interested int his product, because I agree that you can amp up the spice yourself, and I’m glad they didn’t over-salt the thing which is flagrant!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tanooki says:

      Thank you John! Haha I know a lot of people give the biased review on the internet because there is a negotiation in the backside happens a lot…Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate that😊


  2. Drunken Chef says:

    This was a great review. I do know people who are gluten and dairy free. This maybe a great gift for the new college students as it comes with a spoon! Provided they have access to a microwave. Thanks I will check it out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tanooki says:

      Hi there, thank you for visiting my blog!😊 And yeah gift for college students!! That’s a great idea👀💕✨ Please do, they have a lot of variety😋

      Liked by 1 person

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