Chikuwa Fishcake and Konnyaku Oden

Do you like fish Cakes?   When I had easy access to Asian grocery stores, I wasn’t a big fan for them, so just once in 3 months or so was good enough for me. Since I moved to the US however, fishcakes are harder to obtain, and as long as it is a rare…

Mackerels in Miso Ginger Sauce

We are trying to reduce intake of any kind of meat, but sometimes, probably once in a month, I’m craving for meat including fish. Sometimes I stand in front of the meat/fish section, spend a few minutes wondering which one to buy, and end up leaving there without any of them. This is because I…

Product Review: Mini Chicken Tikka Samosa

When I participated in the LA marathon(Yes, I ran and reached the finish line TWICE!!) I caught a smell of spicy yet flavorful food. A few feet later, I found a little line waiting for a snack given by a volunteer: that was samosa!!

Veggie Skin Shao Mai

The dish is easy and you can create another delicious food by using left-over! The most importantly, the dish have flavorful aroma + taste = DELICIOUS!!