Mexican Squash Soba with Jelly Sauce

Even though summer is over, sometimes the Sun sparks as if it misses us. On a day like this, I almost refuse to stand in the kitchen, but cooking is my therapy to keep me and my favorite things to do in daily life, let’s play with being creative! What if I combine my cold…

Wasabi Soba Salad

Happy (buck)wheat Wednesday:D There are many types of noodles: pasta, ramen, udon, rice noodle, glass noodle…and much more! You’ll have extra thinking time when you go to a Vietnamese restaurant to get a noodle soup because the selection is just too vast! To ease your struggle, I’ll give you just 1 noodle recipe today: Soba! …

Ume(Sour Plum) Perilla Soba Salad

Happy (buck)wheat Wednesday! When I was in Seattle, I could easily go to the International District to get Asian food, so we ate lots of frozen thick udon noodles. But once we move to South, some items are easier to get, and others are hard to get. Udon is the perfect example of the latter….

Cold Soba with Veg Bird’s Nests

Happy (buck)wheat Wednesday!   Do you like deep fried food? If you say yes, how about cooking them?   Imagine hot oil jumps and attacks you by landing your beautiful body. Imagine cleaning up pans or pots after cooking. Imagine the oily smell stuck in your kitchen for a whole week.   Nay, I’d rather…

Miso Mayo Soba Salad

As outside is getting hotter and hotter, I think this will be your the usual menu in this summer!  

Yum Yum Yam Tororo Soba

Want to share new and a little weird Japanese culture? Just cook tororo soba and slurp it with loudest sound you can make! 🙂