Apple Gateau Invisible

Happy National Apple Day! Did you know, today 10/21 is the day to enjoy apple with cooking, or of course, eating!  When it’s a special occasion, there is always a cake. So when a cake is brought to the table, someone must think “hey, is it someone’s birthday?” and usually they are right. It’s a…

Grilled Brie Cheese Toast

Happy Moldy Cheese Day! Have you decided which moldy cheese to celebrate the day with? For this year, I’ve decided to celebrate this day in the way I don’t usually do with white soft moldy cheese: Brie cheese! Before I met this recipe, the combination of fruits in salty food was a big no to…

Apple Cinnamon Cake

Let’s read through and follow the direction for how-to-spend-nice-weekend-afternoon-with-fluffy-flavorful-cake!  

Apple Cranberry Earl Grey Cake

What if I bake a cake with apple, cranberry, and earl grey tea leaf…? Of course, that means I’ll have the best cake ever!