Apple Cinnamon Cake

Let’s read through and follow the direction for how-to-spend-nice-weekend-afternoon-with-fluffy-flavorful-cake!  

Apple Cranberry Earl Grey Cake

What if I bake a cake with apple, cranberry, and earl grey tea leaf…? Of course, that means I’ll have the best cake ever!  

Steamed Cheesecake

This cheesecake is slightly not the same as general cheesecake. It is steamed one, so more fluffy but has rich flavor of cheese like ordinal one.

Sweet Potato Cake

I already introduced some of the recipe that uses sweet potato for baking, but this is also the one you shouldn’t miss it! 😀

Dried Fruits Cake

Are you missing holiday snack AKA dried fruits cake? Well, let’s make cake to feel nice holiday!