Tofu Cilantro Burger

Happy National Hamburger Day!  What kind of burgers do you like to celebrate with?    The classic way with cheese?  Asian flavor with pouring teriyaki sauce? Or creamy with ranch dressing?   Creamy! That’s it! Since I live in a Hispanic community, let’s bring creamy Mexican flavor on my burger today! Do you remember my…

Cilantro Pasta Salad

Do you like cilantro?  If you say yes, proceed  reading through today’s posting.  If you say no, don’t turn around just yet and read through. I’m actually your friend here! 

Salsa Verde

The method is super easy if you have food processor, so just let food processor work for you to make delicious green salsa and take your time choosing whether you have quesadilla, tacos, or burrito to accompany this yummy salsa!