Peach Pie

Happy National Peach Pie Day and It’s National Peach Month! Why don’t we enjoy sweet yummy peaches this month?    Yes it’s peach month, and peaches are in full bloom! When I was in Japan, yellow peaches were only available in a can, so fresh peaches were always white ones. Because of my childhood observation,…

Raspberry Cheesecake

Tomorrow is National Cheesecake Day, and Sunday is National Raspberry Cake Day…that means this weekend is the perfect time to enjoy baking!    We had a big lesson yesterday, so why don’t we have a relaxing time with some sweet treat?   Ready to check the recipe? Let’s cook!   <Today’s Recipe> Raspberry Cheesecake

Classic Tofu Salad (Hiya-Yakko)

Happy World Tofu Day!…well, to me it’s usually tofu day but today is a special…”WORLD” tofu day so I gotta celebrate it with my tofu dish!   When I started this blog, I thought the classic food could get boring, so I cooked some food with my original twist by ignoring all the simple, basic…

Happy National Hot Dog Day!

Happy National Hot Dog Day! Did you know, today is the day to enjoy the yummy long buns with juicy sausage!   The key to bring me a smile when a hot dog is concerned…the frank should be bigger than the buns. Who agrees with me? 😉 Let’s cook!   <Today’s Recipe>