Sriracha Sesame Mayo

I don’t have much experience going to a bar. It’s because I can’t tolerate much alcohol and I prefer more food rather than drinks. But I always admire bartenders because the recipes to make cocktails are complex and you really have to take care of the delicate liquor thoroughly. Tanooki doesn’t have much knowledge for…

Garbanzo (Chick Pea) Curry

If you are super hungry and sticking the habit to build your muscle, you should try this chickpea curry 🙂

Spicy Mapo Eggplant

Mellow eggplant in hot and spicy mapo sauce. Such a mouth watering dish, huh?

Wasabi Dressing

If you especially have an avocado, your salad dressing should be this one!

Prik Nam Som ~Jalapeno Pickles

Waiting them to be pickled is the hardest part in this recipe, but if you get accomplished, you will have a jar of treasure!  

Japanese Style Curry Rice

you will have another great meal time for sure because this is one of the most popular food in Japan just like ramen!