Daikon Radish Salad Ponzu Sauce

Daikon.    Did you know, they are sometimes compared with ladies’ legs because they have beautiful snow-white color and look like a human calf with the perfect curb reaching to the ground. But, be careful if you wanna use it to attract Japanese women. Japanese Daikon radishes are big. If someone says you have daikon-like…

Ginger Radish Rice

Ginger. I love this herb! When I was a kid I didn’t like them because they prick my tongue hard, but a small amount of ginger in noodles or tofu gives a refreshing flavor which no other herbs can give. In my household, mixed rice wasn’t on the dining table in my childhood, but since…

Cucumber, Onion and Radish Salad

If you put a little bitter onion and radish together and put ponzu sauce with sprinkle of bonito flake, you’ll say “wow, how come I didn’t try it sooner?”

Radish Rice

With radish’s bitterness and aroma of savory sesame oil can boost up rich flavor, so even a small bowl of it can calm your growling stomach.