Cottage Cheese Salad

Sigh…someone said I can substitute paneer with cottage cheese. My mind was occupied with Indian curry with paneer, but when I opened cottage cheese, I realized my mistake.  Wow, is cottage cheese lumpy like this!? I thought it’s more like firm tofu!  I should know that, but I never paid attention to cottage cheese before,…

Coconut Milk Soup

If you have coconut milk waiting to transform nice delicious food, try this! 😀

Apple Cranberry Earl Grey Cake

What if I bake a cake with apple, cranberry, and earl grey tea leaf…? Of course, that means I’ll have the best cake ever!  

Hijiki(Seaweed) and Spinach Salad

Since spinach is rich source for iron and hijiki seaweed has essential mineral, this can be super food to stay healthy with just a small bowl!