Baked Apple & Sweet Potatoes

Happy Moon Festival! Did you know, today 9/21 is the day to look at beautiful moon at night! As long as it’s a festival, we need some yummy treats to fully enjoy the day. Last year was brown sugar milk bun and this year I want to have a treat made with apples and sweet…

White Chocolate Panna Cotta Raspberry Sauce

Happy National Dessert Day!  Did you know, today 10/14 is National dessert Day to eat something sweet and yummy and celebrate the day:D So of course, today’s posting involves dessert:P Do you like white chocolate?  I have been a huge fan of white chocolates since I was a little kid, so even though someone said…

Ricotta Cheesecake

Christmas is almost there, so please put this ricotta cheesecake as to-cook-for-christmas list?  😛

Sweet Potato and Apple Tart

Sweet potatoes and apples. You think the combination is super adorable, don’t you? 😀 What if these two combine and be a tart? Must be delicious!

Chocolate Banana Cake

fluffy banana flavored cake with crunchy almond and sweet chocolate chip give more interesting texture, so for your special tea time, this is the one you should welcome!

Apple Earl Grey Cake

Crispy and sweet with a little pinch of sour apple boost up rich and tasty flavor on your usual cake.