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Welcome to Tanooki Homemade Cafe!

hello my name is tanooki

About Tanooki’s Homemade Cafe

Sharing Tanooki’s foot steps for culinary journey. Everyone is welcome, I’m glad see you 🙂   

About Recipe

The amount of ingredients are for two people.

Some ingredients might be unavailable in your local or in your fridge right at the moment of trying, but you can always substitute with some other veggies/produce since the main purpose for running this blog is to enjoy cooking and delicious meal made at home and be happy! So Just relax and have fun, you are making it happens in your home 🙂

A little bit about Tanooki

Love to cook, eat, think about food! I love Japanese food, Italian food, American food…well everything is delicious so it’s getting harder and harder to choose one:P  My favorite place in my house is kitchen…this is where the door to my culinary journey located, and I continue to find another new favorite from all cuisine:) On weekends I love going hiking to see the beautiful nature. 

I’m a little shy at the first sight, but once getting to know each other, I’m super friendly:)

Trying to be on a vegetarian diet, but currently Pescatarian/Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian.  Although I don’t eat meat, I still enjoy looking at pictures of BBQ or roasted food dreaming about how they could be yummy.

You will catch me somewhere west coast in the US, moving a lot to follow where my buddy goes:)


When there’s a yummy homemade food on a dining table, there’s a smile:) & food coma;)

When you are eating food, you are feeding your soul!

Don’t count calories but count how much you loved the food!