National Food Holidays Calendar

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A lot of people feel taking out from a local restaurant is an easy, quick way to calm your empty stomach, but cooking at home is fun. Some people, especially beginner chef think your level for cooking hasn’t reached to expected, satisfying level yet so you can’t make fancy food, but trust me, you don’t need to be like Gordon Ramsey – easy, simple home cooking idea is all around you. As long as you are standing in your kitchen and follow a few straightforward method, you’ll be a wizard to change just a single ingredient to a complete edible art. Now imagine that, when you put your homemade food on your dining table, there’s always a smile, and a satisfying food coma follows;)

what's on table

And, if you are the boss in your kitchen, you might have a constant wonder of:


Hey, what should I cook? 

Are there any vegetables I should use within a few days? 


By hearing someone says

I’m hungry, where’s food?

What’s for breakfast?

What’s for lunch?

What’s for dinner? 

What’s for dessert?

Like birds chirping to beg for something to eat. 


But, people can’t live just thinking about food forever. To inspire your meal planning, here is a hint of what to cook today.


Did you know, there are a lot of national food holidays around the world, just like our birthday. A lot of them are not so well known, but these special days are here and there. 

Here is a list of remarkable national food holidays, so I hope you can get a hint of what to cook with your passion for making yummy homemade food in your kitchen!


<National Day Calendar by Month>













Have fun on your culinary journey of homemade food:)