Pepperoni Pizza

Happy National Pepperoni Pizza Day!  Did you know, today is the day to appreciate the classical, everyone’s favorite pepperoni pizza!!   Pepperoni pizza is my husband’s favorite food. A whole pizza is good enough for our single meal to share, but because he loves them so much, we now share it like ⅓ or sometimes…

Grilled Veggie Pizza

Happy National Pizza Day! Did you know, today 2/9 is the day to appreciate our favorite Italian food, Pizza!! Although pizza has huge fans all around the world, if you go to other places than your home country, they seem totally different. In Japan, we have loaded toppings of vegetables, seafood, meat, or sometimes chocolates(!)….

Cream Cheese Corn Pizza

Mellow cream cheese with corn topped with fresh herbal aroma of parsley, you’ll be in love with this east meets west pizza!

Greek Pizza

Salty feta and sweet pita bread gave the great harmony of the special taste!