Pecan Pie

Tomorrow is thanksgiving and this is the time to talk about special food, especially dessert! While many people are baking either apple pies or pumpkin pies, my household has so many nuts abandoned my dinner buddy. He likes to eat nuts as his snack but he is such a picky eater. All he eats from…

Mediterranean Quiche

Buttery flavored crispy quiche bottom and savory summer veggies, salty feta’s mellow taste makes your dinner table perfect! 🙂

Savory Ricotta and Veggie Quiche

Crispy savory crust with fluffy egg and refreshing ricotta cheese coated veggies…mmm, not only tasty but also beautiful and healthy for easily getting nutrition!

Sweet Potato and Apple Tart

Sweet potatoes and apples. You think the combination is super adorable, don’t you? 😀 What if these two combine and be a tart? Must be delicious!

Baked Apple Pie

Crispy pie crust wrap up warm sweet apples…ummm, by thinking about the image of it, that makes my mouth watery!

Berry Tart

Basically you already have bases to make yummy tart, so today’s your important role is being an artist. There is no right or wrong answer for you to be what kind of decoration you will make. So have confident on your creativity and enjoy.