Glass Jar Art

Hello everyone, happy Sunday! I hope you are having a nice weekend 🙂


Here is another version of my glass jar art.

Well, I think some of you may know already because I put black sesame seeds in it and it sometimes appear on my recipe posting. But I haven’t put the spot light on her and seems like the jar is jealous to other glass jar I’ve shown you so far, so this is the time!



Refreshing blue, white, and yellow striped color ribbon and flat back pearl pink color ribbon! The shape of glass jar was unique, so it was such a fun to think how I could decorate it.


It’s been a week since we moved to a new room. Incredibly, it was super shiny sunny here in Seattle for a whole week. I never knew Seattle could be full of light. So far, so good to move in new room! 😀


Have a good one, everyone! 🙂


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