Peach Oolong Tea

When I first visited Taiwanese cafe, I was surprised to see the huge selection of tea available at the store. Milk tea, fruit tea, slush, bubble tea, juice…mmm, I don’t know how people can decide what they want so quickly. But I remember on my first visit, I chose peach oolong tea because peach is my favorite and it was right after I ate rich textured food so I wanted to refresh my mouth, so oolong tea is what I needed! Being nostalgic to the store, here is peach oolong tea on my own creation! 


<Today’s Recipe>

Peach Oolong Tea

peach oolong tea


  • ½ large yellow peach
  • 500ml hot water
  • 1 bag oolong tea
  • Some ice cubes
  • Optional – some sugar



  1. Brew oolong tea. Set aside to cool for several minutes.(If you want it to be sweet, add sugar at this point.)
  2. Bring peach and oolong tea in a blender and make it smooth.
  3. Strain tea to separate solid parts of peach and transfer the tea to a glass.
  4. Add some ice cubes if you are enjoying it cold.


peach oolong tea

Mmm, riper the better for flavorful and natural sweetness! Now I gotta think about what’s the best combination for fruits and tea…I bet it won’t be easy!!


<Other Refreshing Drinks in Hot Day>

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nectarine lassi

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double mango tea

Hurry, before the cherry season ends! Cherry Limeade

cherry limeade

Enjoy home cooking and your own creation of homemade food:)

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