Product Review: Spicy Citrus Paste

Spicy citrus paste is actually Japanese condiments and growing up in the country, I’m supposed to try it before I come to the US, especially thinking about these points:

  1. The paste is Southern Japanese local food
  2. My mom was born/raised in Southern Japan
  3. The citrus, Yuzu, is my favorite! 

However, until my friend from southern Japan gave me the paste as a souvenir, I never knew the paste, even never heard of the name! After I knew the existence of the paste, it became my must-have on my pantry. Let’s look thoroughly at this tasty paste! 

*This is NOT for an affiliate purpose hence I don’t get paid, so this is my very honest (spicy) review;)

<Product Review>

Name: Spicy Citrus Paste (Yuzu Kosho)

spicy citrus paste

Contains: 1.52oz

Price: $2~$3 at most Asian grocery stores

Main ingredients: yuzu citrus peel, green chili pepper, salt, water

Will buy again?: Yes! 


I’ve never seen real yuzu in the US, so this is the only accessible product to enjoy yuzu as a seasoning. As the name said yuzu(citrus) kosho(pepper), this gives a nice kick with vivid spiciness. Some people put it on sushi, sashimi, salad, tofu to give a citrus flavor to make refreshing flavored food, and adding just a tiny portion of this paste, the food has a nice bursting citrus flavor and it’s so obsessive. The tube look small so you might worry about using it up all in 2~3 meals and have to come back again to get just this one, but because this paste give bald flavor with a tiny amount, it would sit your pantry for a while and sometimes you’d think ”oh, you are still here!” (like I do.) If we learn how to use the paste well, our meal repertoire will expand and open up the door for culinary journeys. 

Pro: Giving a nice kick and sophisticated flavor on your food. The yuzu is hard to get in the US so with this reasonable price, you can enjoy yuzu flavor quite easily by just squeezing the tube. 

Con: not easily accessible if you don’t have access to Asian grocery. It is expensive online. You might rush after while to use up all before expiration because to season your food, you only need a tiny amount of it. 

If you are a beginner for spicy citrus paste, let’s start with onion tomato salad!

tomato and onion salad

Enjoy home cooking and your own creation of homemade food:)

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