Product Review: Berry Hibiscus Tea

Happy National Iced Tea Day!

Did you know, today 6/10 is the day to enjoy refreshing drink of iced tea!

As a tea lover, I’ve tried a large variety of tea including black tea, green tea, or herb tea. I love to drink them both hot or cold, but since it’s a food holiday specifically for “ICED” tea, I’d like to share one of my favorite tea flavors to be enjoyed in Summer. 

This herb tea is caffeine free, so for those who are sensitive to caffeine and have to pay close attention when you choose some beverage, relax and proceed reading!

Looking for some refreshing tea time ideas? Let’s take a look!

*This post contains affiliate link, but I don’t get paid to write about this tea, so it’s my honest, (maybe) spicy review;) 

<Product Review>

berry hibiscus tea

Name: Lipton Berry Hibiscus Tea

Contains: 20 bags (34g)

Price: $2 ~$3 in my neighborhood, but on amazon it’s $14…Probably because it’s imported from Canada:(

Main ingredients: Hibiscus flowers, maltodextrin (corn, tapioca), chamomile flowers, citric acid (Provides Tartness), spice, etc…

Will buy again?: Yes, especially in summer! 


Originally I bought them to enjoy my tea time, but eventually the way to enjoy them expanded to snack/dessert/refreshing drinks when I went hiking. As they state, you can feel berry’s sweet and refreshing aftertaste with a little tangy flavor from hibiscus. The color is cute clear pink so you can enjoy the look of tea too. The only complaint I want to make is that they are not widely available even in chain grocery stores, so if you are interested and find it, get some packs of them before someone else does! I’ve only seen my neighbor’s Walmart with limited supply…If I were lucky I could get a couple of packages but sometimes there are none…

Pro: Cute in color, fruity and tangy refreshing flavor. Caffein free

Con: not widely available at stores. 


Happy National Iced Tea Day! Enjoy your tea time:D 

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  1. Sowmya says:

    That looks very refreshing and energizing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tanooki says:

      Thank you dear! Yes, my summer’s fav😍

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